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Thread: Spektrum DX9 anyone ?

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    Spektrum DX9 anyone ?

    Anyone got the DX9 yet?
    First impressions ?
    Is it worth the upgrade from DX8?

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    Yeah I have one , only have about twenty or do flights on it. But yeah well eorth the upgrade. More like the 18, a lot more features.

    Just live the look as well.

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    I guess it depends what you want it for and whether the DX8 hasn't enough channels or you're having other issues with it.

    I have 2 DX8s here and never had a problem with either of them but I have been looking at the FrSky Taranis and Open-TX... but only 'cos it's full of gimmicks I'll never use.

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    How many features does a transmitter need for helis... Especially if the guy is flying fbl... My advice, stick to DX8 and you can spend the money on other stuff

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    Hi, yeah i got the DX9 for Christmas, Its a great TX! No problems so far and hopefully none to come! Easy to setup and navigate yet still has loads of features! I highly recommend the upgrade!
    Check out my Unboxing of it :
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