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Thread: Letterkenny Model Flying Club

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    Letterkenny Model Flying Club

    Letterkenny model flying club is based at Carnone airfield and flys there most saturdays all year around and week evenings during the summer months.
    There are also a few members from the club who fly from Ashfield airfield in Letterkenny at various times during the week and nights.

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    Is the Letterkenny club still operating? I saw somewhere the club has disbanded, and is no longer. Reason I'm asking, is I'm visiting Letterkenny for three months starting 1 August, and would like to bring an airplane with me. If the club has really shut down, could I still use the fields as shown on the MACI site? Is there another club close to Letterkenny I could visit? Is it OK to simply find a suitable field and fly there?

    I'd appreciate any assistance.

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