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Thread: young lad first

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    young lad first

    Down to Waterford yesterday young lad got first. Mind you they wanted him in inters,

    His first win of many hopefully....
    An expensive weekend as well put the g4 in and the young lads 700 pro hv. A well, lol

    Looking forward to the next one and 3d Ireland. I also think that young caolan is goin to 3d champs in the uk in September. Busy year, but hope not to many weekends like this one


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    Well done!

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    yeah +1 with james Sean,well done caolin.not nice when when they go in but thats life in the 3D world I suppose lol.

    hopefully those 2 spills will do you for a while now Sean,certainly cant get any worse that's for sure lol.

    best of luck to Caolin in the future.

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    Cheers lads. im over it now.just have to go easy on the ol bank balance for a

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