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Thread: Hi From Limerick! Story of my life and hobby... ;)

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    Cool Hi From Limerick! Story of my life and hobby... ;)

    Hi all 8)
    First of all, I would like to say sorry about my grammar/misspellings/bad English.

    I'm a newbie to the hobby, flying RC planes from maybe a month. My first model was cheap, Cessna foamie from Amazon, wingspan 50cm, 3 channel plane. After a few days of fun, it stuck on the tree in the park where I was flying. I went back for it the following day and realize it's gone. Looks like windblown it down from the trees and someone just picks it up...

    Then I purchased an Ares Gamma Pro V2 from wheelspin shop. It's a really cool plane, 4 channel, really powerful brushless motor and the almost 900mm wingspan. I'm still learning how to fly on 3 channel (not using ailerons at all for now). Plane looks bad, it crashed few times painfully, but some decent epoxy glue and hot glue pistol were in operation, and the plane is still flying well.

    My problem is simple - I have no place where I could fly. I'm living in Newcastle West Co. Limerick. There is a public park and the GAA rugby pitch, also public. The problem is that there is many trees, high poles, and houses around. Some people that are living near, are complaining. They keep asking me if I'm filming from the plane or recording anything (I obviously don't). Also, they are asking If I have permission/license for the plane (I don't but I guess it's not mandatory in Ireland, honestly I don't know. In Poland you don't need it.). So I have many problems with the local community, they are giving out about my hobby. Also, the trees are not making it easier, I don't want my plane to stuck on the trees anymore.

    I'm looking for an airfield or just big field where is no people, no houses, no cattle, no trees, no electric fences. Today I just basically get to my car, and drive around the town for an hour, seeking for some decent spot. It's really hard because most of them look like it's someone's property, OWNED. Fences, gates... impossible to enter really. I know it's farmers land, county of farms, so people are concerned about their cattle, horses and other properties. Do you know any airfield for RC models near Limerick? I know there is Limerick Flying Club (Airfield Cottage, Coonagh, Coonagh Lower, County. Limerick) but I guess it's more about real planes. The RC models aren't probably welcome there. Or am I wrong? Please tell me. I hope you get me guys, this was my first post on this forum. Thanks.

    This is how most of the good-looking spots looks like... no really possible to get there and just fly. Well, joys of the countryside area.

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